Period Property Damp Proofing in Ayrshire

April 9, 2019
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Period Property Damp Proofing in Ayrshire

Hello again and a big THANK YOU to those clients who left reviews for us at and Google, it is very much appreciated…especially the good ones!

As you can see, we have been doing a variety of Sandstone Restoration and Period Property Damp Proofing works over the past month or so. We managed to make a short video of what we refer to as ‘bridging’, or essentially the transference of moisture from the outer Sandstone Wall (in this case a Red Sandstone Gable) to the damp bubbling wallpaper on the inside wall. I hope that between the video and the photos you can get an idea of what is going on and also the importance of maintaining the gap and airflow between the exterior sandstone facade and the interior plaster and lath/wallboard.

If you look closely you may be able to see the extent to which the Red Sandstone of the Gable located directly behind the fireplace was eroded on the inside. This is to do with a reaction with the traditional fossil fuels. This internal erosion of the red sandstone is a great example of what happens in flues and why when you see deteriorated stone on a Gable in the vicinity of the flues or where they converge below the main chimney stack,your potential contractor should be waving a red flag and know enough to point out that there is a strong possibility that those masonry units may not support a surface repair and may, for the sake of the structural integrity and longevity of your building, have to be replaced. Hence, the reason why we have a large quantity of recycled and new sandstone on hand and also why we always appraise potential clients of this possibility and potential additional costs. That policy may not be what people wish to hear and it has possibly lost us some business in the past, to the ‘cheaper’, or ‘fixed price’, bid. However, personally I prefer to be informed of potential issues, correct remedies and potential additional costs, when I am not informed in advance and issues arise, I wonder why I was not informed ?

We have also been busy doing a ‘sympathetic red sandstone clean and restoration’, on Quail Road in Prestwick. The client had seen us working on two other buildings on Prestwick Shore Front and selected us based on the outcome. They had done their homework and decided that they wished to restore and preserve as much original character of their house as possible. Not only because this really is the best policy but also because they wished to preserve the integrity of the Terrace of which their Facade is a part. ‘Finished’, photos will be posted but you can see from these photos the level of care we take to protect your property during the sandstone restoration process. The results we aim to achieve, and the measures being taken to ensure the correct environment during the pointing process, with the hessian in place deflecting the wind as required. If you wish to read the owners thoughts on our work have a look at our latest Google review.

Finally, a big THANK YOU to the team at Owen Kerr Signs for yet another great van sign writing job, its a pleasure to do business with the best!

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