Coatings that have been used on Sandstone are commonly found to be cement based, adhesive based or paint. As with Stone Cleaning the method, equipment and products used are primarily determined by the type of coating and the characteristics of the host stone.

Micro particle blasting / Soda Blasting and Paint Strippers can all be very effective on ‘harder’, stones. On ‘softer’, stones you may be limited to a chemical paint remover, steam, with micro particle or Soda Blasting being used to remove the resilient layers prior to the application of steam and chemical paint remover to the first layer(s) attached to the host stone.

The second determining factor, especially in the case of paint, is what type of paint has been used? Oil base, Water, Latex or as is usually the case on buildings that have been painted frequently over the years a combination. Not all paints react in the same manner to chemical paint removers as both the paint and the chemical paint remover have to be matched to create a successful chemical reaction.

The final consideration is what is likely to have happened to the host stone as a result of the coating that was applied? If the stone was ‘soft’, has it absorbed the paint and will there be residual staining as a result. Has the stone deteriorated under the coating, again a particular trait of the ‘softer’, stones. How should that be addressed to make sure the Sandstone will function correctly once more? There are many different ways of ‘finishing’, the stone once the coatings have been removed. Please refer to our Stone Cleaning Section for further details on methodology and expectation.
At Sandstone Solutions we have, as can be seen from the Gallery Photographs, removed many different types of coatings from many different types of stone over the years. Our experience gives us the ability to assess the likely outcome and to fulfill client expectations. However, removing coatings from Sandstone whilst absolutely the best thing to do to allow your stone to function correctly, can be akin to removing old wall paper. An experienced contractor whilst having the experience to be able to read the ‘signs’, will generally do some test areas, allowing them to price the works with confidence.