June 13, 2019 Andrew

Our New Custom Built Sandstone, Brick, & Render Cleaning Machine.

In this video we introduce you to our new TOY!

It would appear that cold pressurised water is the local commonly used method  for cleaning sandstone. Blasting high pressure and high velocity cold water at your home often damages the masonry.

How it works.

With our new custom built machine we can deliver low pressure, hot water, and steam to the surface of your sandstone, brick, or render allowing us to clean more efficiently and prevent saturation and thermal shock of the masonry. In addition, the combination of hot water and steam not only  removes common algae but kills the spores. Again due to the combination of steam and hot water other common airborne particulate pollutants are effectively dissolved and removed.

We have had excellent results with this machine and are pleased to provide superior cleaning while continuing protect and preserve the integrity of your sandstone!

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