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February 22, 2019
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February 22, 2019 Andrew

Our First Blog Post | Sandstone Solutions

Hello and a Very Special Welcome to our Friends and Fellow Aficionados of Sandstone Restoration and Preservation. It has finally arrived! The very first Sandstone Solutions Blog and irrefutable proof that our lead times are not because we are holidaying but because we are busy doing the best at what you employ us for!

This week we have moved from Seabank Road in Prestwick (where we completed our second complete sandstone facade restoration and our 9th elevation on Seabank Road to date) to Bellevue Crescent, Ayr.

As with Seabank Road we have been regular fixtures on Bellevue Crescent over the years and to date have completed 2 Chimneys (1 Sandstone, 1 brick) 2 Bay Window facades, 2 full Front Elevation Facades and 3 Gables.

As with many of the masonry works we do the Sandstone Restorations have involved aspects of Stone Repair, Sandstone Replacement, Lime mortar pointing and Stone cleaning.

The photos attached to this blog show a Sandstone Chimney repair we did over 4 years ago. The original stone was ground and buffed to a smooth surface, the naturally eroded masonry units were stabilized and repaired using Lime Repair products, the chimney was then pointed in with the appropriate lime mortar. We also removed all the defective cement mortar from the sandstone Gable joints, gave the stone a light clean and re-pointed with the appropriate lime mortar and aggregate mix. Thus, allowing the sandstone joints to function correctly again. The use of the correct size aggregate and pinning stones ensuring the structural integrity of the wall/Gable.

The bay window facade was also completed 4 years ago. The stone was eroded and had been repaired and pointed with cement. The cement pointing mortar was removed. The stone was ground back and buffed to a smooth surface. some small surface stone repairs were made and the elevation was again pointed with Lime Mortar. The windows had also been replaced with wooden windows allowing us to seal them to the sandstone using the traditional formulation of burnt sand mastic.

The scaffold is in place because we have been asked to point the brick chimney. I do not believe this was the original chimney there was evidence that it was a replacement. However it had fared well and was originally pointed with a lime mortar. Excellent news because once we had removed the cement ‘repointing’, mortar, given the chimney a fungicidal wash and rinse, we were then able to repoint the chimney and haunch the chimney pots with the appropriate NHL Lime mortar.

Fortunately throughout the past week we had mostly dry and temperate (for the time of year!) weather. However, our Hessian Tarpaulins were in evidence protecting our work during the initial set and cure period.

I am pleased to announce that we have a very happy client who has engaged us to do further stone repair work and a complete Lime mortar re-point of the Gable in Spring 2020.

We are now in Ardrossan where we will be doing a Sandstone Restoration on the attached photographed Red Sandstone Facade. As you can see it has undergone a mish mash of various types of repairs over the years. However, the present owners have done their home work and decided that a full restoration is in order. I hope you check back in a couple of weeks to see how we got on!

Meanwhile please peruse our galleries and if you have any questions please get in touch.

Best Wishes
The Sandstone Solutions Team.

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