Most Damp Issues in Traditional Build Sandstone buildings that are not directly related to roof issues, poor exterior maintenance or elevated external landscaping/hard landscaping are caused by ‘bridges’, of debris forming between the outer wall and the inner wall.

The debris is generally mortar that has dried over the years and detached, many clients state that they sometimes hear the mortar falling ‘in the wall’, when the house is quiet.

The moisture is drawn from the exterior wall by the dry material comprising the ‘bridge’, which in turn causes damp patches on the interior surfaces.

At Sandstone Solutions we approach the issue using our knowledge of the design of Traditional Builds. We aim to restore the capability of the original damp proofing features within the property to function as intended. Our starting point is to find the specific cause of the issue. Once the cause has been corrected the preventative and restorative measures are put in place.

More often than not in Traditional Builds the cause of damp is a combination of external and internal factors. The combination of our exterior masonry experience and experience in the internal application of the correct damp proofing methods and systems for your traditional build, leaves us ideally placed to resolve both the cause and effect of your damp issues.